Stalking realmeyers


tfw nobody stalks u :slight_smile:


must feel good.


This is… quite rare! Someone actually caught me getting my daily logins :wink:


Im a master at stalking.





You stalked me making a typo as a medusa almost shotgunned me, gg lol


Forgot to load this out



I’ve seen you here and there, I just never bother taking a screenshot of others in game just to go ‘haha stalked’


i see lots of realmeyers that i dont stalk cuz lazy






I bet you can’t stalk me
Probs bc I quit

^You got some dirt on your screen


jokes on you, I use DARK MODE


@nevov :wink:


hi thats me


epicnecros finally doing something??


wait what happened to epicnecros?


I actually was talking to him ingame earlier today (we played a bit together when both of us were active a couple years back), and he said he had become inactive because of just being really busy with stuff at home. He started Uni now, and has some more free time (the joys of first year) so he is playing a bit again.


Some serious @Kageboshi stalking going on. I actually saw him at least three other times in the last couple weeks, so he is definitely active again. Maybe he will rejoin the forums when his voluntary ban runs out at the end of this year!


@SkySlurp hi