Stalking realmeyers


You got the 2 trouble makers together lol


@YesButNo smh he thought he got me but it was i that got you.


ran out of likes sry


its ok ill give you one






no wei


Why using public chat?
also @Squeakwee


ah yes now i see the beautiful content of ur inventory

the uwu and screams were p much the only times we spoke in pc lol


i think thats the run my samu died


it was


what a generous, upstanding member of society




continues to act afk
Once you leave Oh hey didn’t see you there


< @Waffleswuf > I should start calling boomers Wilhuffs.
< @Wilhuff > Hilarious.

Great leading btw Waffles :3
Also @BigDaigo and @Niegil who was getting harassed.




Oof, I was hoping you’d say something I could say “ok Wilhuff” in response to


I got suspended cuz i got dc’d from vc, lole


oh ;~;
you should’ve told waffle to move you in.


ye, but its too late for that
gl getting what u want, cause im sure im not getting anything lol