Stalking realmeyers


@wilhuff too slow :wink:


Come on, we were in like 4 fungals together! Why is you wait till the 4th one to do this?


I forgot

You can see craykiller reminding me in gchat


I didn’t post this. @Mizumi did this :kekw:


I’ll message security about it, if it was a DC then it should be reasonable for them to remove your suspension.

(They said they would but apparently your not in the server?)


Oh, i left the server after that since the security that suspended me didnt seem to have the intentions of lifting the suspension, even after i sent a pic of a msg i sent the rl and his answer about what happened.

Still, so nice of you to try getting me unsuspended.


@TNSN Glad you didnt die from that drag wew


that was a sp00ky drag




lead more fungals right now or no mseal


Smh, I’ll lead a bunch on Saturday since I can start those at like 6am PST so even Eu peeps might be able to get on




@Solars Nice paladin




Didn’t get the best screenshot of them, but @YesButNo and Rhea (@Craftable) can both be seen as a priest and archer right here
Dced from that tomb just a little before Bes died oof.


nice stringstick


gang up dudes, Insurgents is in the house


@WangleLine *insert witty phrase here*


haha look everyone @seelpit’s nekkid


Public indecency and stalking, someone stop her!