Stalking realmeyers


What does this mean




Read the thread title.




Look! Its LudwiGa backwards!
a friend of Ludmule


It’s a game. You find someone from these forums in rotmg, you take a screenshot or similar and then post it here. It’s like a weird game of hide and seek.


I saw @SkySlurp , but since I stalked him recently i didnt want to screenshot
Then I saw @Alphamalee and when I was about to stalk him,
@Bluenoser said something in chat. Triple stalk

also alphamalee started spamming stalked in public chat and ppl started blocking him


@Wilhuff if i dont reply to ur pm u have no proof that im not afk
(well, other than me saying this)


Stalked. This pic was from a while ago 3 days ago
Also how do I remove chat filter. I have it off but it still censors swears


it censors pm’s,
whether or not ur filter is on


wtf leaking pms that’s sensitive information


@Alphamalee: counterstalked

Also got @TNSN in there


me and @Nevov waiting around for 10 minutes trying to get into a full realm




@zuzu not sure why you are made out of wood tho




U w U


@Endtheline pls






@XRyuzaki found u in a tecnoblade video