Stalking realmeyers


Shhh don’t ruin my fun :wink:


lol I see myself in the bottom corner


@JimdaFish I found your relation @Joeydacrab, as you can see this species looks quite well adapted for walking on the land though also seems to like being close to water too. :crab:

[Edit: typo error, sorry]


He’s still evolving. Give him time, and he’ll make it all the way to the godlands!


The Da Fish family is growing…


Yes I am still alive
I think




Thought this was a scroll bar for a pathetically long period of time.



Is tHaT a LoRd oF tHe RiNgS ReFeReNcE





.> howdy partner


I locked Nitro a few days back. I think I locked Wilhuff last year, but I was far too lazy to take a screenie and expose him. Finally decided it was time.

@NitroFrost @Wilhuff


people who use cc deserve to die use bplate its so much better and it isnt super ugly. cc has such good feeed just feeeeeeeeed it its so bad


It’s a PPE, shut up. Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.





CC is viable on samurai don’t @ me anyone.


@Shadowfax where gandalf


okay cc is garbage-tier yes but that’s a tad extreme, rein it in please

woah woah woah woah woah hold up

breastplate of new life is like 4000x harder to get, that’s not the sort of item you can just assume everyone has on hand

on an entirely unrelated note, bplate has even better feed. not sure why I brought that up though




For some reason I didn’t have you locked. Must have never seen you in game up until now