Star rank icon from Challenger Mode misaligns the chat


So this is quite ugly design, the new star graphic that players get awarded for being in the top 50 of Challenger Mode throws out the chat:

And there’s some more example screenshots of the chat being misaligned in this post:

& here:

(if you want more info about the star icon rewards see this topic, halfway down the OP it talks about the Season Winner reward ranks.)


I think a cool alternative would’ve been a glow around the star like unity and legend players have around their character instead of that ugly border.


Well they fixed it…kinda


Was about to post this very thing, but i got ninja’ed


Their solution to Challenger Stars borking up the text with double line space is to make all stars bork the text!


Lets have a flashback to how we used to get our chat (2012) as we’re trying to evoke the spirite of the old game with Challenger Mode:


Meh, i’m fine with it as long as it is consistent now


They… Should probably just like revert this change and think of something else as a reward. they break the chat and are not what I would call good looking.


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