Stat potion (SB)


As these cant be put in your potions rack, and normally the stat potions arent soulbound, i vote to stop making a difference between normal and SB stat potions, and completely abolish the SB version.

I dont think it would interfere with gameplay in any way, and its just a unnecesary divide and extra set of items.

Your thoughts ?


Yeee, I would agree. They’re painful to vault away. :no_mouth:


They were made to reward people with maxing needs without tampering with the market, but now they’re an encumberance compared to the normal ones.

Deleting the SB version would most likely reduce the rate at which they (Deca games and their game) drop mystery potions, as increasing the potion availability will make the price of them potions dip in trade value.


They can keep them for daily logins, which often include pots. If those were normal pots players would create multiple mules to harvest them for use by their main char.

But everywhere else they should be normal pots. Especially ones you get from dungeons, but really anywhere you get them by playing. Make it so you can store them normally, give them away, use them in 3 -> Greater quests.

And yes, let people trade them. It’s a small part of the game for most people, and even if it does affect prices so do many other things all the time, and the economy copes perfectly well.


Woops, I forgot about mules -that’s a very good point. :rofl:


This month are 0 potions for daily logins, and i doubt in any month it is above 3 potions total, so your farming by mules seems like a moot point, its insignificant compared to the amount you get on a daily basis.

I just dont see a reason why we need to have SB version, you dont get many SB potions in general, just now with the appetizer and some other special events, you get far more SB pots than normal pots, and the stacking em away in normal vault is getting annoying.