Status Effect Depletion


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Absolutely love this idea. dunno how many times ive almost died not paying attention on rogue lol


Sweggy idea


Would change the gameplay to a better :smiley:


This is a great idea.


Although it’s a great idea, i wonder if it would be a bad idea for newer players to use it.

I mean, if i was a new player and my rogue blinked when he was going to uncloak, the timer in my head wouldn’t be as developed right now. (also, lag might mess up the accuracy of the blinking).

Would be a smart idea to have 3 separate options. One for your character, one for other people’s characters and one for enemies.


Wow, great idea! SILEEEEEEEX. Also stun, paralyse, daze, hexed, confused, quieted, speedy, and so forth. Sileeex plz add.


This idea is very nice. It would help alot when you do abysses with your paladin and you aim for perma buff. I like this idea and DECA, I think it is pretty easy to implement.


I’d love for this to be a thing, it’d show a much more exact time frame rather than instant of me being invisble then another second I’m in the plane getting ruined


Simple but great idea!


Awesome idea!


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great decision, one of the greatest things on this forum (other than the lovely forum games, lol)


How dare you make such an excellent choice independently!


I love that idea. It’s very cool and I strongly support it.


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