Status Effect Depletion


Don’t threads automatically close if no one replies to it in 60 days?


Normally yeah, but maybe it doesn’t apply to threads in the Best of the Best section of the forums. At least I don’t think it should.

Can any of you @moderators rid us of this pesky doubt?


Currently set to 60 days. We could change it though.


Tricky thing is a moved thread retains it’s original auto-lock settings. While Best of the Best does not have an expiration on threads, all threads moved here will have started in areas that do have expiration dates. We’ll have to remember to remove auto-lock from the thread settings each time.


does the pinned topics close? like death, intro threads?


We’ve turned off auto-close for those.



Wow… this is amazing… tell DECA!


Bump cause this is a fantastic idea



Good ideas are still worth bringing back to people’s attention!


Hence this empty message


Definitely deserves to be in best of the best category. Keep it up!


So simple, yet so perfect.


But how would it look like when a certain group of people doing avatar and they will be a lot of effects?


The usefulness of knowing when certain status effects wear out loses a bit of usefulness when in a huge crowd like that, even if the blinking were to only apply to status effects that you’ve applied yourself, or negative status effects. That being said, the only situation I can envision this being some kind of visual bombardment is if a Mystic were to stasis a huge crowd of monsters, since every other status effect is some eensy icon.

While I’m here, I also want to express my gratefulness that so many months on, this thread is still gathering some positive reception from everyone! It’s the kind of thing that makes a man feel warm and fuzzy!

I would also like to express my _un_gratefulness that a thread I decided to make spontaneously in an afternoon became many times more successful than the Dapper Ideas thread, because I am secretly petty and vengeful.




Well in my opinion, the most value I would get out of this are these examples:

  • my speedy running out
  • boss’ invulnerability running out
  • oreo invuln running out
  • quiet and confuse running out

Otherwise, as a mystic player, I have memorized the timing for his abilities and stuff so that wouldn’t be as big a deal for me…




exactly. you probably haven’t even heard of this have you?


no I haven’t, but what point does that prove?