Status Effect Depletion


He’s explaining what Dappertron is referring to.


Bad addition

Don’t get me wrong, I love useless ideas because they’re fun, but this is rather disimprovement to gameplay;

This will basicaly ruin one part of skill-based gameplay, for example if you aren’t good with timing and predicting with rogue, well, someone more experienced is, and that’s the difference between more and less skilled players.


I actually think it will greatly help every player, and is a great idea! There is a reason it in best of the best, of course!


I am not hating this idea nor the poster nor people who support it;

The reason it is in best of the best is because many people liked it, but considering ~200 likes and ~40 positive comments without any solid reason why this idea is good is just sad…

You can notice that this idea works in some situations but in other situations it’s terribly bad and such addition to game isn’t valid.

I would support it if I was convinced it is good, but given what’s in post and huge amount of flaws no one cares about isn’t convincing enough. You are not helping an idea by saying it’s simply good without further observing it.


I’ve always liked praise, but constructive criticism is what I really look forward to. Maybe in your case it’s a little harsher, but hey, I’ll take it.

The Rogue’s invisibility is probably the most common critique in that regard, creating a crutch for players that makes the game less punishing, which is not what it needs. Knights are another source of trouble, lowering the skill floor for chain stunning by making it more clear when stuns are going to end. Nobody has mentioned Archers and their potential for chain paralyzing, either.

That’s the end of the list for a ‘huge amount of flaws’ as far as I can discern, since it’s only a crutch to those very few classes whose survival relies on avoiding enemy attacks with status effects (and I’m taking a huge leap with the Archer). There are plenty who rely on providing effects to other players, but if Depletion makes it easier for players to chain beneficial status effects together, then I would consider that an enormous success.

Of course, I may be missing something that makes Depletion a big liability in other regards. In the end, it would probably be netcode and spotty internet that turns it into something that won’t work as smoothly as it would in those gifs.


Heh, imagine this in made lab with confuse that icon would flicker so much :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I definitely agree that confuse would be my favorite use of this


Great idea!




No, shatter was saying that it wouldn’t be helpful in labs because the darn purple guys inflict confuse for like a single second. All it’d do is blink a lot.


Oooooh. lol. But I’m still saying all confuse would be the best use for me cuz even though I know the right controls, I go the wrong direction for a split second when the confuse starts and ends.


ROTMG is a flash player game, so I would assume they use Java Script for most of it.


That’s awesome! How do people actually think of great ideas like this…


boy thats alot of likes


well afaik flash is not made from javascript but action script


Oh, cool, I did a learningnessed.


10/10 idea. Would love to see it implemented soon, pat yourself on the back. :wink:




This really earns its place into the “best of the best” section. Not much to say about this, just great.


No need to bump something that can’t close good sir.