Status Effect Depletion


wait best of the best threads can’t close?


Yes, they cannot close automatically


well it does bump it up to the top


And maybe Krathan can see it


Don’t worry, I’ve already seen it a long time ago!

As you know, we only have so much chicken and we already have more than enough salt ourselves. So even if the community can contribute a ton of salt on top of that, we can still only make so much chicken soup. Now if we have very similar types of salt, if our salt preferences align you could say, then we’ll definitely make some soup together!

That said, this soup recipe does look pretty tasty and has been noted in our long list of potentially delicious recipes.

ROTMG recommends that the game be more convenient and richer

There you go :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:


A deca official here at the forum?

Some things did happen while I was gone. But I’m happy that this idea is in Deca’s mind, it really would make the game far more fair.


It would; seeing as i kinda dont want to lose my rogue


I think every rogue, mystic and the players around them would love this.


Cause its an awesome Idea. Why did nobody else think of this yet!


Yeah it needs to happen @deca


Brilliant Idea! :smile:


I just died on my warrior cause I didn’t know when the stun on O2 would end and took full shotgun. ;3;
This idea would be so great!


This got added (sort of)


This one picture is what made me love this idea, if i made a guess on how many times i have died from invisibility wearing off it would probably be all but 2




That’s a pretty neat number, I think.


That just reminded me that I haven’t liked this thread yet, forgive me sir for I have sinned.


Sadly I already have liked this post. Thus, I cannot like it again.