Status Effect Rings


Shadow Ring

Those who seek shadow shall become shadow


  • Tier: UT
  • Effect: Quiet on self
  • Stat Bonus: +10 SPD, +10 DEX
  • Fame Bonus: 5%
  • Feed Power: 500

Drops From:

  • Kage Kami

Weird Shape Ring

You will be confused how to wear this ring


  • Tier: UT
  • Effect: Confused on self
  • Stat Bonus: +7 ATT, +7 DEX
  • Fame Bonus: 5%
  • Feed Power: 500

Drops From:

  • ???


This is actually a very interesting concept, i dont think ive seen it done before. I’m not sure about the stats rn but i think this can be something interesting.


I like it, especialy the Weird Shape Ring which might become REALLY popular.

I mean for the small price of learning how to move while confused, you basicly become immune to getting your control scheme altered. + You are getting a significant boost to your dps.


@Snray or if you plan to use the ring, you change the keys in the options, so it’s broken :smiley:


Lemon would be still a better choice for pure non-HP/MP stats than these kinda poorly sprited rings

But since it drop from a much weaker enemies , it make up for it


Lemon? Well I am not a sprite artist so…


The yellow thingy ring that drop colo from LH


Try abit more , find some preferance or something to base on


It look like a potato for me :potato:


You mean server?


most people refer to it as potato


Ok it i just prefer lemon


shadow ring would be good for fame farmers going for mundane


Lol thats what I was thinking, its perfect for Mundane users.


Shadow ring is a worse cring
Weird shape ring would be OP as one can change the controls so that confused controls are normal and thus you are also technically confused resistant


uh… explain how +10dex makes it worse?

and weird shape ring is purely offensive, no other boosts. i’d much rather use an hp ring or bracer over it.


Oh whoops, I though it was 10 spd 10 dex, not 10 spd 10 vit


The confuse ring makes u basically immune to confuse since ur already confused. All you need to remember are the confuse controls. Or, you can switch up ur keyboard to the confuse controls and just use the confuse ring


So how would this work in conjunction with a Puri?


weird shape ring isnt op, it doesnt give any defensive boosts. its like wearing a ubdex or atk but a bit better