Hello realmers!
I thought i would create a thread to show some of my progress with my latest NPE character(s).

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


My NPE Rules
  • No pet
  • No trading
  • No loot from quest chests
  • No lucky clovers or loot boosters
  • No item forge
  • Take evidence of everything if possible
  • Allowed to use hp / mp pots and consumables earned through the game as drops such as effusions, drake eggs, etc
My NPE Char(s)
  • Trickster - Created 27th November 2020 (died 11/30/2020 to wlab squirel)
  • Trickster v2 - Created 19th December 2020
  • Trickster v3 - Created 11th March 2021

Reason? Love the high skill ceiling for the class. Would really love to master it over time.

Current char loot:

Tiered items Prism of Apparitions Sword of Acclaim
Untiered items Snake Charmer Pungi Cloak of the Planewalker Sprite Wand (old) Snake Eye Ring Snakeskin Armor Necronomicon Helium Trap Caduceus of Current Craziness Crystal Sword St. Abraham's Wand Crystal Bone Ring Robe of the Tlatoani Mister Mango Hivemind Mace NSFWakizashi Ghostly Prism Skull of Corrupted Souls Bone Dagger
Untiered (limited) Chicken Leg of Doom Apocalypse Feather
Set tier items Regal Ring Brilliance Bow Honey Circlet

Trickster V1 (Now dead) - Level 20

Road to level 20 and first castle

A nice upgrade

A t2 leather and a speed ring. Sweet!

+40 hp, not bad.

The green sludge monster dropped a great well needed upgrade as my hp was being sliced by low / midland enemies.

Although i prefer HP rings, the def definitely helps while i'm at a low level to stay OOC

A nice mix of def and hp for this stage of the game

Another great def increase

From the same dungeon +1 wis!

Lovely to get this so early but i'll keep the Amulet on for now since the Def is useful at lower levels (at least for me)

An att to finish off this evening

Not bad for 38 minutes :) Have a good weekend, Cheers

Trickster V1 (Now dead) - Potting up

Potting up

Love the snake eye ring even though i miss the candy ring

No more 3 second decoys

Doing NPE's makes me love seeing purple bags for loot upgrades but also because they used to drop potions with your username on it back in the day


A nice hp boost but i'm gong to look for the armor too for the set bonus

First white bag :o

I had no idea some minions in tcave dropped t9 gear

Still excited to see an EP, one of the first UT items to drop from white bags

1/8 - Dex

Was heartbreaking to struggle and make it through fungal and crystal with a small group (public) without getting any loot. Was very difficult

Solo beekeeper on a 1/8 for the first time

2/8 - Speed

Really happy this dropped after only 8 Forax runs

3/8 - Attack

4/8 - Def


5/8 - Wis

6/8 - Vit


A close encounter!

Finally managed to find the armor, The healing proc when hit below 50% is a nice small boost when in trouble.

Very cool! Would use if i had a pet equipped :D

7/8 - Life and Sphinx

8/8 - Mana!

If you made it through all that, you deserve a pat on the back! I'll be taking a small break for a week or two for IRL stuff but i should be back after :) see ya


You’re very personalized with your thread. You even included a near death experience. I like it! It makes it feel a little more alive.


Jealous of st poison pls give


Jealous of anointed, gimme gimme gimme

Going good so far tho!


You do know that the t9 dagger came from a brown bag?

Trickster V2 (Now dead) - Road to level 20

Unfortunatley i died on my previous trickster just after i said i would be taking a break. Tried rushing wlab and sat on a squirel. So here begins my second attempt.

Trickster V2 - Road to level 20

Fire dagger and t8 armor from one bag :o

image image


Looks like a promising start with that all around roll!

Trickster V2 (Now dead) - 1/8

1/8 - Dex

1st Ship

1st davy, beginners luck?

1st Shatters

A well needed upgrade for the boss fight. Also my favourite colour from the three


Felt like this was very close to a near death. Should have waited a second before the djinn died. Not sure how much damage each projectile does though..

After 13 sprites

Going to try and take this one a little slower to see if i can survive longer

Trickster V2 (Now dead) - Potting up

2/8 - Speed

3/8 - Def

Never had this drop before

This definitely made soloing the tomb worth it

`Only my second ice cave

4/8 - Vit

Trickster V2 (Now dead) - Potting up

5/8 - Attack

This was a brutal solo clear of LH / Cult. Took almost 2 hours!

Really thought this was cutter

6/8 - Attack

7/8 - Life

Amazing upgrade

First crystal cavern :O

Life maxed

8/8 - Mana

Epic! Hard earned duo! Only my fifth Cult

8/8 yay

Post 8/8

Was due in for a dagger upgrade but was expecting it would take a bit longer before foul dropped

Has been a busy 2 days! Looking forward to focus on specific trickster whites next


Two things. First of all, I love the Nest/Sphinx combo there, second off, it looks like the game was really wanting you to play ninja lol


So true :smiley: Regretting i didn’t make one now as that would’ve been my second choice.
For some reason i’m quite unlucky with getting tiered prisms after t4 so i’m expecting quite a bit of WC grinding.

Trickster V2 (Now dead) - Item grind

Quite a few updates

2/3 for bee armors. Just the red left

Super drop, had only done a handfull of pents

1/5 dex exaltation

Hoping to get as many blueprints as possible

Although it's not a white bag, i still wanted to show it for reference sake

Wasn't sure if i should switch out the pyra for the uber hp but i'll take the extra hp for now

3 LOD's

14 ice tombs

8 UDL's

11 DDocks

Not sure on how rare this blueprint is but i'll take it ;)

Only 4 manors!

A useful item until i can get the stinger

Was a little too close here. Backed up in to a golden leviathan

14 Snake pits

Cool pet skin!

Not bad!

2/5 Dex exaltation

There were lots of screenshots which weren't worthy of being posted such as superior blueprints, non-white UTs, etc. I just wanted to make sure that i was able to prove they were collected fairly but i can see that it makes the thread less exciting. Will have to think about posting them in the future so appreciate any feedback that you may have.


jugg bp is rare asf, gg


I want it so bad for my warrior :c


…The irony.


dont laugh at my 3 dead juggs

Trickster V2 (Now dead) - Item grind

1/5 Speed exaltation

3/4 of the Mad God's Messenger Set, just the pagan's ring left

After a few more pents it dropped again! wtf! (no loot boosters too)

After 5 Shatters