Stone Guardians. ./[Reworks Arts]


Hello everyone,
as you know I have been drawing FanArts for RotMG alots now,
so it gonna be my better step to reworks or retouch my old FanArts Work became a new version.
Like The Forgotten King - Artwork.

And now I been looking for next thing to reworks, is Stone Guardians from my old version.

Stone Guardians - Old ver.

and now I have design them new and add more details about they armors and more…

Stone Guardians - 2019 ver.

I hope you will like this. >w<"


Those boys be lookin’ thicc

Pretty good


The guardians’ postures in the old one are a bit weird, but the new one is really good
and very hot


I feel like the poses are more playful/silly (aka, my exact tastes) in the old one but you have clearly improved a LOT which definitely shows in your new one and recent art in general :v good job my dude!


Hm…I often though of the Stone Guardians as evil offenders, but the drawings make them seem like brave defenders making a last stand against the players.

Now I kinda feel bad for them…

Good work on the art, though!


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