Storing items in both the vault and the potion thing made me lose them


Sorry if anything is misspelled or poorly written, just lost some items due to this bug so i’m pretty pissed right now.
So , the realm just closed, decided to do a High Tech Terror, all nice till there. Killed the boss, white bag, dropped the B.O.W., was very happy. After the dungeon, obviously i rush to the vault to store it. Stored teh bow and some pots, and immediately switched to my rogue to use the pots, And when i enter the vault, everything i stored is gone. Not on my vaul, on my character inventory, nowhere. Just vanished. Don’t know if this is a know bug or something, but yeah, take care, don’t lose your items :confused:


You might’ve DC’ed and not noticed. It happens sometimes. Try to be vigilant next time and maybe take a short video of your white and you DCing.


Don’t think it was a DC, because i did click on my rogue to switch to him. I whink it was something like the game saved the changes on my character inventory, but not on my vault. But yeah, i realy have no idea what happened, so you’re probably right.


There’s been a lotta people complaining about vault glitches since they revamped the vault. Items disappearing, graphical bugs, and whatnot.

Here is a bug that I came across: Drinking Potions From Vault Glitch


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