Struggling to get back in it


So many games are such a small shove towards being +5,000% better, RotMG being on the top of my list.

I’ve played for so long, it’s my most played game by far. I love what Deca has done with the game in recent years, and really want to start playing again.

But anytime I get on, I pick a character, get into a realm, and then just get off.

Spawn in on a dead server, switch servers, TP cooldown.
Want to run high level dungeons? Join a discord ran by a 14 year old.
Wanna for-go discords and buy keys? Absurd real $ prices for keys.

I’ve played 5,000 hours worth of low level content, and I’m just not interested anymore. I’m upset so much of the game is gridlocked behind paywalls.


Just do something else, I haven’t truly played in 3 years and my account just reached 10 years

I’m studying for better work, other people are playing different games and other things


bro of course im doing “something else” LOL

This is a discussion board about a videogame, not a reddit post saying “i dont know what to do with my life” HAHAHA


The harsh reality is that the end-game content of this game is currently un-playable without the use of discord. Im not sure of the bad experiences you’ve had with raiding discords in the past, but as long as you view them as mere key providers who spend the ‘absurd real $ prices’ /for you/ as opposed to controlling people to which you have to obey, its really not that bad. You can even simply mute the discord process in windows settings/mute the discord tab in chrome settings to avoid a suspension from the RL for not being in vc while also not being forced to listen to them. Its a shame that its gotten to this point, but atleast it provides SOME sort of public access to end-game content, while limited, as opposed to how it was in the old days, where you had to either solo everything/play with 9 year old public realm randoms on laggy laptops/join an exclusive tomb/OT/shatters running guild.


You’re entirely correct. I just wish it wasn’t true haha.


entirely incorrect, aside from O3 and void which have an item barrier to entry. all endgame dungeons are not only solo-able, but fun to solo/run with a random group in a realm. every time sentry spawns I do a cult run with 2-3 others. there is plenty of entry into endgame content, you just have to forsake the convenience of keys. even O3 has events with free sanctuary.


That is 100% personal preference. Some players prefer 50 people in their dungeon running it super fast and efficiently, and others prefer 3 people dungeons running it slow but casually. You cant assume this person wants to slave away for 45 minutes at a public 3 man realm cult just because you enjoy it. And relying on events for access to endgame content is arguably worse then simply taking part in a discord.


While this might be true for dungeons such as cults and nests. the reality is that for harder dungeons such as shatters and void it is almost impossible to find anyone who is willing to do it with toy publicly. The only option is to go to guilds, whom most only invite players who are already skilled at the game in order to complete dungeons faster, meaning that many newer players aren’t able to experience these dungeons without the help of discords. What’s made worse is that deca often promotes discord/small guild runs with things such as the rune system, new shatters in general, exponential hp scaling, and more, all of which make more coordinated runs seem more appealing than pub runs.


this is pretty much same reason i dont play much anymore, i kinda just get on go into a realm for a minute or 2 and log out and play something else. I really just dont wanna do the discord stuff now + the exalts are so tedious it just feels like a chore than fun to me



doing a public 4 man cult versus solo’ing a MBC, small man void, small man shatters, small man O3. You’re correct public cults are possible, but you saying “entirely incorrect” isn’t realisitc haha. Like I said originally, I am really only interested in the new stuff like the new shatters and O3, but those are inarguably only possible through discords.


just wish convincing a few friends to play was easier than “Hey, make a new character, get it to level 20, I’ll even give you all the top gear, then, do 50 sprite worlds, 50 snake pits, 25 sewers, 40 abyss’, etc~, max your character out, learn what every single shot does in oryx castle, then, we can try to find all three runes, and then find an empty server, clear the entire realm by ourselves, and attempt to do 1 O3. But if you die during all that you have to restart.”

Not saying I dislike the hardcore rouge system, it’s what I most enjoy about realm. Just saying I really want other people to experience the end game content they’ve made over the years or get some old / new friends into it, and it’s just a complete absolute joke of an ask hahaha.


this is why I feel like advertising the game would be a great idea, because while word of mouth can be a great advertising tool, for games like realm where its really hard to keep new players interested in the game, advertising seems like the only way to go, since the all the hype has gone since the exalt release days


I still feel like advertising won’t do anything, I think the ask is still wild for a new player despite them even reworking all low level dungeons, but also how could I know bc im not a new player.

Exalt to me feels like a victory-lap for the old players. Like deca giving everyone thats played for 7 years what they want as a final run. Moneywise, it’s all Black Bullet just buying keys and Japan buying skins lmfao.


why the fuck would anyone not want to do discord raiding? Literally free completes and loot + braindead. Don’t wanna hear a 12 year old yell in the mic? Just mute them, as if that wasnt obvious enough. Whenever I raid, i have music loud enough so I cant even hear the raid leader. I know what im doing. I dont need their calls.

And free rune events now, so literally no need for a discord. I sure as hell havent been using any for the duration of this event.

This is just a babyrage post by a player hard stuck between mid and endgame. Dont want to do discord raiding? Sorry, thats how it is now, deal with it.


This is not a good thing. But even if you wanted a braindead game, rotmg still wouldn’t be a good one because if something goes wrong and you lose your character you have to stop braindead mode and your flow gets messed up.

no u

Yes, and we deal with it by quitting. It’s not too hard, it’s just disappointing for someone who stuck around for the type of game rotmg used to be but isn’t anymore.


skill issue

you got me

I was playing realm back in the day. And i prefer being rich and meta, than being poor and dying in the godlands.


Even though I can tell you’ve phrased that specifically to make people who preferred old rotmg look silly, there’s actually a pretty good chunk of people who would still prefer the older type of game even based on your description of being poor and dying in godlands. Your experiences just aren’t universal.

Cope and seethe


I don’t wanna use discords bc most RL’s are aggressive pre-teen reddit users like yourself.

I don’t want to actively play a “braindead” game. I want the game to not be braindead.

I don’t want to “just mute them” I don’t want to have any involvement with them at all and the bots and the requirements and the “MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DISCORD RULES” and the assortment of other cringe preteens saying shit to the rl.

Idk if your dad limited your screen time as you were reading the post but go ahead and pick 1 champ:
a) cope
b) touch grass
c) seethe
d) dilate


What discord’s are you going on that have preteen rl’s? the only one i can think of is a 14 yr old rl in Oculism which is a relatively new discord. All the other rl’s are pretty chill and are in their early 20’s/late teens.


its probably different by now, and tbh I forget what discords I was in. Nest, shatters, the caverns one, SBC, oryx sanctuary, and then a different oryx sanc. When it got casual they’d talk about foot fetishes and shit and other stuff. Just feels weird being mid 20’s and being forced to do listen to that in able to do end game dungeons hahaha. Not that there’s anything wrong with them clowning, more-so wrong that I still wanna play this game LOL.