Stuff it's taken me years to notice


Pretty self explanatory


It took me two years to find out that you could teleport to places (other people)


white bags existed, took me 1 year


You can enter the glands under level 20. It was the biggest suprise to me when I first found it out.


Crystal being a random spawn, found out last year o3o


I thought its eyes were black…

I never thought they had hands.

Thought its face was its right wing and theet the right horn.


lol, speaking of pixels, the leviathan was freaking confusing.

I never freaking knew it was a leviathan until I finally died to one about a year in. Had to freaking idea what it was, I thought it was an ugly slug cat or something idk


for the longest time I thought you close realms by reaching the edge of the map, but turns out it was just lucky timing that every time I reached the edge of the world the realm closed.


There was a time Leviathans didn’t even exist in realm.

Feeling old yet?
raises hand


I was gonna insert a shitty horny joke but in reality it’s taken me years to find out I have depression from realm


When I was around a blue star, that Knight was not the only good class.


when I was a light blue i had no idea potions other than hp and mp existed
tried to trade t1 rings to peoploe who said they wanted spd/dex/att you get the idea


Um, before I got my first Acrop I thought it literally couldn’t get armour broken because of the description, needless to say the castle of Oryx doesn’t agree.

I always thought that the stat potions would stay on the actual character when you died because it said permanent, so I figured “Okay, lets just add pots onto my characters and as long as I die with having added just one, I’ll eventually max.” Nope. Complete waste for a lot of pots and time lol.

Took me a long time to find out that Mystic was the only good class worth playing.


It didn’t take me a long time to find out but at some point I thought that when you died with a character, the pet that was following it would disappear. You can imagine my joy when I found that little shit walking around my pet yard.

How come? Would you care to elaborate?


It took me a while before I realized that, at level 20, your stats aren’t capped.
Before I knew what stat pots were, I was like “Once I get to level 20, I’ll be just as fast and attack just as often as these other players!”.

That said, it also took me a question for knowing that the level cap was 20. I vividly remember it - I was looking at people in the middle of the map and asked in the chat “Why are there so many level 20 players?”.
Wow, past me was…really not intuitive.


no comments yet, as I haven’t even played realm for a year yet. Kinda hard to take years to notice something when you haven’t even been playing the game for a year.


Took me a few years to realize that maps aren’t randomly generated.


I think the yellow dots are eyes and the purple things on top are gills, so no nose.


I thought reskin was pronounced “rehskin” not “reeskin”, until yesterday


Took me as long as I’ve been playing to notice that this dood looks like he has a gun