Stuff it's taken me years to notice


I swear that isn’t me. even if I made that account which I didn’t theres no way id ever remember password and be playing 3 yrs ago


or username


Oh god, this one really hits me in the feel sack :frowning:


Damn that’s kinda creepy


@Fluffegan, some forumer, joined the game 1 day before me.


just noticed biff is a rabbit that comes out of and egg… and he’s fully developed on top of that… inb4
biff/oryx chicken Godzilla fight


so davys has always had LH symbols on the pillar things lol


seems like a coincidence


I used to think you could only drink 8 pots, so I drank like one dex one spd and one def and told people I was 3/8 and people who were 8/8 drank 8 pots. I am kinda retarded.


Same difference, I couldn’t be bothered to remember exactly how it’s paired up; I have memorized the movement with muscle memory, but I’ve not given it a moment to conceptualise it into words before.


I thought vit was pronounced vite (like in vitality), it took me 2 years to figure out that you can zoom out on the mini map. Also the yellow things on Malphas’ head are eyes and the green things are horns.


I must be blind but I dont see anything.


the greyish wall tiles have the same 4 dots like the mbc, mseal etc.


oh i see it


Just realized i cant quit realm. I tried to do so and i’m back… the only time i was able to do so for real was 4 yrs ago when my account, Smirror got hacked and i didn’t get back for 2 years… i don’t have many options here, bois… guess i’ll just play again :confused:


So true


noticed that the longer I play the less i go into realm… lots of events lol


also since when did septavius and malphas become aliens


so you realized mystic is a good class? good man


Bruh I never realized wlab boss was stasisable until about 5 days ago when I pissed off a bunch of people on my mystic. I don’t play Mystic a lot so I didn’t know xD