Stuff it's taken me years to notice


oh wow you must not frequentlyrun wlabs or get really lucky with ur group.
id say about 1 in every 4 wlabs in my experience theres at least one mystic stasis trolling




It took me this long to notice theres 3 different sprites for the first phase small aliens




theres one with a staff, one with a sword, and one with two swords (maybe daggers)
for the phase where aliens first start spawning in realm


oh wait really
im dumb

on the other hand i just leech by the beach


Even though I realized this I still accidentally shoot at my core’s decoy that doesn’t look like any of those sprites XD




learned a few weeks ago nile drops for geb not nut
been playing since right around tomb release


This link says Kitcken. Not years I guess but I remember reading this post 5 months ago and I missed it.


In the tutorial, it doesn’t matter if you die or successfully kill Bonegrind, this statement still holds true:



so it took me a while to notice that school is more important than rotmg


For the longest time i thought that “simpletons” is a really lucky player who got last hit on avatar everytime.


Everyone wins in the end amirite?




It was in reference to the photo you posted last lol


How does everyone win lol


No need to kill her lol, can’t lose


i’m good at making memes on this game, that people eventually start using


so many ppl are on hypixel skyblock lmao some1 tried to trade me a deca for a summoning eye just yesterday