Stuff it's taken me years to notice


wait wtf I actually just noticed that medusa has something on her back
i’m actually blind


I believe that “something” is probably a bow. She is sometimes portrayed as having one in mythology, as if the turning-people-to-stone thing wasn’t OP enough as-is.


it doesn’t look like a bow honestly. Aren’t bows curved?


I mean, we can see very little of it. Not to mention that if it is slung over her shoulder, it would appear straight to players viewing her from the front.


You fools.
Obviously it’s a Kendo Stick!
image + image = image


Maybe she carries it for luck. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


maybe she’s a ninja ppe who cant find a katana


Lol, imagine Medusa doing a ppe. Next thing you know every time you encounter her she’ll say ppe btw lel xd.


that would scar me for life


It took me years to notice there was a forum about the game


it took me legit days to notice that


Bro just gimme a like i need likes!


it took me a long time playing to realize screen rotation, toggling centering of player and zooming in and out the minimap was something extremely helpful…


same when i was anoob i would get cocky and try to be slick and rotate the screen and end up dying. Now i just do it naturally


Life changing moments #266
Not sure I ever fully noticed that it is little daggers/swords that Lord Ruthven fires at us.



Well, I think I only just noticed it. In any case the terrain swap in this latest event made them a lot clearer.


really? I thought it was pretty clear what they were supposed to be :/


“You’ve gone pale. When you saw these knives, you realized that you face a more horrific fate than that geezer Joseph the ones who succumbed to my creatures of the night.”


It took me four years to realize you can leave the game through the options menu, rather than nexusing and going to the “change your character” npc thing. It makes life so much easier!


Okay reading this makes me extremely sad


Ngl I don’t know where that is…