Stuff it's taken me years to notice


Look a face


Image result for kool aid man face i’ve always seen this when i go to oryx’s castle


thank you for telling me that
I am become @Triforcej, Corrupter of Souls



The eyes are actually the pink dots.


thought those were fangs or nostrils smh


oh my god i’ve been playing this game for just over 8 years and i always just thought it was a retarded spider… turns out im just retarded


Played for about a year and a half before I realized that I could press X to see further


I ALWAYS play off center


just realized that calabaza is calabasa, a different word for gourd i.e. pumpkin
curse of the pumpkin


Might be because I never bothered with the Halloween ST event, but I just noticed the descriptions of the Skeleton Archer gear are lyrics from the song “Spooky Scary Skeletons”.


i thought the exact same thing


You can click and hold an item on your inventory to move it, not a big deal
I just noticed that you can put it in your backpack by using the switch tabs key while “holding” the item with your mouse



I always thought Janus had eyes, but it turns out they are fangs.


janus is a door that became alive


They’re WHAT?


Or beards?
Check out the images of various Janus statues on the Wikipedia page, although our sprite does seem to be more a monster ‘inspired by Janus’ as it tries to hungry hippo us into its mouth with those arms /‘beards’…:


I noticed that earlier when discussing a experimental sprite of mine made to be basically Epic Janus (best way I could describe him) in my old Random Sprites Thread. Atrapper posted a picture of Janus and it kind of clicked in my head and bothered me ever since.


I just learned Battle for Nexus bosses aren’t HP Scaled




wait can i see it