Stuff it's taken me years to notice


its the fucking crystal prisoner all over again

I’ve got 2 consensuses on what it is

  • A big gaping mouth, the orange/red part being like the gullet of an open mouth, both gray things being teeth
  • A big eyeball, with the top grey just being design with the bottom grays being tentacles of some kind.


Portunus the Prison Warden


Given how the red “thing” flashes outside of the sprites normal sillhouette in the shooting animation it’s probably a robotic eye.

Why a Roman God is a Robot is beeyond me


It’s a humanoid, canonically the Forgotten King’s wife, who was captured by Oryx while being sent away from the Shatters for her protection, Jon Bilgewater was meant to receive her and hide her from Oryx (he had done business with them) but she never made it to the docks (I’ve read literally every Realmeye response). Either way, that thing that I see people debate on whether it’s a big eye or big mouth is just a decorative pattern on her dress. Her face is dark and she is wearing a large crown (although a bit more feathery) similar to the Forgotten King


hey! i made this meme! it feels so nice to have memes that i made like 2 years ago still be shared here lol.
edit: here’s the original post


Just realized Kage Kami isn’t wearing a bird mask, that one pixel is his neck


still not quite right. it is part of the mask, but it’s also not a bird mask. it’d be more accurate to think of that as the chin of the mask.



The tinkerer portal has a hammer on top of it. Always looked like some random flame to me cause I never looked close enough lol


But doesnt the yellow part move?


Yeah, it’s the hammer getting lifted up. You can see its brown handle move too.


I always saw it as a pickaxe, except the other half was missing…which then reminds me that it’s a hammer.


Same, except I continued to think it was a pickaxe until today


I only noticed this when I entered DECA’s website


〈Void Entity〉bruh


Didn’t take me years, but it definitely took me several months to realize that there’s a Vault portal next to the Nexus spawn. I would always access it through the Daily Quest.


that’s an oof


Believe it’s one of these, a Forging Hammer, that the Tinkerer would be using, the animation being the hammer hitting an anvil, though pixel art limitations apply!:



ut trade :slight_smile:


This game looks really cringe.


br image

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