Stuff it's taken me years to notice




how did I not see this after so many nests

[Forum Game] Paste whatever's on your clipboard!

It’s randomly generated each time you enter one.
Sometimes it’s one of those Cyborgs, sometimes it’s one of those Mini Bots.


Discord make everything easier end game wise


some snake pit enemies are in the S shape image image image


The snake pit troom boss has bright spots


Enemies in snake pit are most likely rattle snakes and not regular snakes




that no one’s able to answer the age old question: owo or uwu?






yeah basically saved my life when trading in usw2



Prismimic has different lines for its ‘laughing’


how could it take you years to notice that when its only been in game for 3 months? :thinking:


When you play realm, 3 years is 3 months

There’s no other thread to put it in.


Wait a second… you can die to Bonegrind? I always assumed that the damage in the tutorial couldn’t really kill you.


I mean, with significant defence I’m pretty sure his damage is reduced to 0


He inflicts Sick and Armor Broken, so he’s suprisingly deadly when you’re not careful.


Bonegrind should be an enemy in the O3 fight


That’s if deca makes an o3