Stuff it's taken me years to notice


They revealed it on the rotmg exalt stream


Oh okay
It’s totally like I know
I hope it’s hard if not
Screw deca


Its gonna be the new endgame, the hardest boss


Hmm I wonder what else their will be


If it’s true…

It’s slowly going to…


half life 2-3 oryx 2-3 get it


treasure pots are ideal ppe loot


They can drop exa rings too, plus tcave is great considering you get such good loot, including the chance for several pots, for not very much risk at all
(to clarify the living chest things have a chance at dropping stat pots as well)


I knew it no one would believe me when I got a ghelm on Ppe from one of these


all tcave enemies (other than the healers that throw grenades, and, ofc, treasure pots) can drop potions


Stat increase potions specifically. I’m certain I’ve never had anything other than the chests drop pots?

…and yet, the wiki says otherwise. You learn something new every day.


yes, they can drop pots, but the wiki does not say so


It does though


it says the mimic chests can drop pots.

What it does not say is that for example the treasure rat can also drop pots


second bullet point


yes my point is that all the monsters can drop stat pots
i think i did see/hear somewhere that the healers dont


but this is what i was talking about


Given that the exa rings aren’t in the drop list either, I wouldn’t count on that being correct


:thinking: wait but does that mean the pots don’t or do drop from all enemies


they do


Just realized that Bandit Leaders have blond hair.