Stuff it's taken me years to notice


Where these shadows there all along? Just noticed them


oh crap i forgot about that my bad


I have no idea why, but I never noticed these statues are holding both weapons and abilities. yes


no samurai :pensive:


Wildshadow lowkey tryna take the game back


Mixcoatl the Masked GodShaitan the Advisor eyebrow gods


Jesus Christ Shaitan went from being fairly intimidating to a fucking dork with that one phrase

I won’t be able to unsee that




Crystal Worm heads resemble the helmet of the Batman Beyond villain, Shriek


Originally thought you said “Shrek”, but I now realize with the ear things the worms have, they are basically just a combination of Shriek and Shrek.



The darker part is the actual monster while the lighter parts are an ‘aura’.


I thought that was goo.


I think of sprites as being made of some sort of substance fire-like in appearance, but they aren’t hot to the touch

Or maybe it’s some sort of combination of both, like gooey fire kinda stuff :thinking:


I…I always thought it was an actual part of it…


Took me years to notice you were actually talking about the contour and not the eyes.


I figured I’d know everything in this thread being a long time die hard fan. I have no words.


How could it have been years if I posted that the day before you posted that quote? :thinking:


mayfly years