Stuff it's taken me years to notice


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A bit after I started, It took me some years to find out that classes had stat caps. At first, when I stumbled across my first stat pot in glands (DEF) and saw the permanent boost, I thought you could just keep consuming more of them to get to insane levels and be basically unkillable.


It took me until the forums to realize what stat rolls were. I knew characters had different stat caps, but I when I saw the average stats with Realmeye, I literally thought that was the “average state of the playerbase’s pot consumption on that specific class in my average duration of time” or something stupid, and would wonder how I was consuming so many pots faster than other people.

Not that a bad roll will stop me now anyway, mind you.


I had to suicide 3 priests in a row cus bad roll, was so fricking annoyed lol


I always have looked at stat rolls as a curiosity, but never actually suiciding a character from a bad roll. I would rather spend a bit more time in dungeons getting pots than spending that same time leveling up another character!


I did that few times actually. Whenever I get lower than -5 HP roll at the end, dump that thing to the trash and start again.


It’s a bit of a stretch, but there is some resemblance here (Star Trek Gorn)


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Only recently noticed the stone guardians have different color horns, always thought they were identical


me with a bad roll:


Is there proof for this? I’m not gonna comment until I know.

Didn’t really take years to notice, but it somehow completely went under my radar that you could buy weapons and abilities for fame in the Nexus until quite recently. I guess I forgot somehow.


(That was actually more recent, don’t worry)


o my

poor fella


Did it ever occur to you that the name “boots on the ground” makes no sense? The only way you can move without removing at least one of your boots from the ground is by magically teleporting instead of walking.



Shuffle the feet :slight_smile:


This just occurred to me the other day and forgot to share this here, but it took me a couple years to notice how and when realm is about to go to Oryx. I thought Oryx’s “I WILL SUFFER NO MORE OF YOUR IMPUDENCE! I HAVE CLOSED THIS REALM! YOU WILL NOT LIVE TO SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!” just happened randomly. I started this game in 2011, and I can’t really remember whether it was 2012 or 2013, but I remember asking a guildmate “why do you want us to go to the ents and liches?”, and they replied “to close the realm”, and they had to explain to me that the quests have to be completed in order to close a realm. I’m not sure whether I had an orange star or a red star. But, yeah… I spent a long time being a newb, not knowing things, because I never paid attention to RotMG news and only played casually for about an hour a day.

this is already a year into playing this game :sweat_smile:


It took me forever to learn how to teleport to people from the chat. I remember seeing talwar do it but I was so stumped on how to do it myself.
For clarification I mean how to bring up the options to teleport, whisper, etc.


I originally thought the yellow dots were enemies, and never bothered clicking on them to see what it would do. I was pretty dumb 2 years ago when I start. I only discovered how to teleport back in March :laughing:


Given the game doesn’t explain any of this to you when you start out, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.



smh exact same sprite with different palette