Stuff it's taken me years to notice




Still haven’t realized that warriors aren’t the only class. (This post was made by the warrior gang)

Edit- Why am I a dark blue star? I’m an orange star, god dammit.


oh lol never seen that think about ur rank in game and forums not being the same that’s kinda jank


Log out of realmeye and back in.


Today, one of my guildies who does not use the forums noticed that the T4 Wind Circle has 17 range, 2 more than the T6 Doom Circle at 15.


im bad just noticed today that lod bosses are small if u do them first :confused:


Wait, that’s insane. I always thought they were all the same but turns out t0 has 10 range and wind circle has 17. Additionally, for some reason i never realized kageboshi has less range then normal stars(and I’ve been using that one for the longest time too…)


Took me years to notice that Jugg isn’t a helmet, it’s actually a creature! 2019-01-28%2012_04_32-Adobe%20Flash%20Player%2031


Trade directly to your backpack

Perhaps this has been said already, but when trading, if you click your items for the trade and then click outside of the window and then back on the game, the trade should go directly to your backpack, even if your inventory is full.


Just noticed that there’s an indicator when you unlock classes… must be new?


It’s not that new, but it’s also not exactly old.


wouldn’t know cuz I haven’t needed to unlock classes in a whiiiile


Wow guys I actually just noticed this today, but if you’re in lab and you step in the green water, whatever creature you become is completely randomized… to everyone! I asked a few people in a lab what I looked like, and the responses varied - black cat, brown dog, etc. But on my screen I was a dragon!

I don’t know how to feel about that, to be honest. I wonder if this was intentionally coded in or just a quirk of the programming


i realized that during halloween.
we were chilling in the witches hut in teh nexus, and then i said ant squad and he said doggo squad on my screen.


control clicking on items shifts them back and forth to your backpack if the setting is turned on. You can also shuffle through your tabs by hitting b. You can also move items to your inventory from your backpack by dragging from the item slot to the inventory tab.


Oh, just found this today, I can click and drag on my stats tab to move them out so I can see them while seeing my inv!

or down over the hp/mp area :wink:


Friend of the cubes fame bonus is earned by not killing a cube god, not by not killing the little cubes at the beach.


Are you sure? The wiki says its all kind of cubes


Took ma 2 years to know that white bags ara all rng I thought the last hit would give me always a white bag. Hate I Smirror <3


Ah I see, must’ve been my pet or another player.