Stuff it's taken me years to notice


Hate I SaknisJr?




just yesterday… I noticed t7 katana is clouds buster sword… im slow


Hey guys after like 8:00 tonight, i can finally use this thread honestly, cuz that will mark 1 year for me




It took me 3 years to learn about the forums. And 1 1/2 years to learn about realmeye.


Tomorrow/my bday is going to be my 100-day anniversary on the forums. What a coincidence. I didn’t realize that its going to be on my bday until I typed this out.


Not necessarily. But whatever you want :).


It took me years to realize the sumo master is not the hardest enemy in the game, grant that I did take a break for 2 years before I started playing again and actually started getting decent.


took me some amount of years to notice and no im not sorry
Colo Sword

Reskin Dblade vog

T4 Staff t4%20staff

Scutum scutum

Crown crown

Ice Crown ice%20crown

I kinda quit spiral knights a few yrs ago but I was bored so this happened


Just figure our mistake no longer turns people into ketchup color and now does an aura now


For the longest time, I thought that the names of the realms referred to the bosses that you had to fight at the end, or some sort of boss in the center of the map…


I thought it was because that type of mob was most abundant in the realm. Though I still don’t know what a flayer is…


The pink guys in the highlands that quite you.


Oh those octopus mfs


These are flayers and flayer veterans,
Spawned by this, the flayer god.


for some reason I always saw image as this Image result for gazebo and not something like Image result for quartz crystal


brain hurtus




It took me a long time for me to learn how to make my text small And to make text really big!