Stuff it's taken me years to notice


I did that too. But I wanted ppl to know what I said.


took me yrs to notice Im never gonna get gud at this game


i used to think you only had to drink 8 pots of every stat to get 8/8.
was sorely dissapointed to find out i had to use like 27 dex pots to max my wizard


das a big oof


For some ungodly reason I always thought the rider’s eyes were the two red things on its shoulders, the shirt collar was a squidward lookin nose, and that it’s arm and the pumpkin was sort of a cotton-ball-on-the-end-of-a-hat type thing. :thinking:


same tho… rip



Can’t unsee


For some reason i never saw the rider, and I saw it as only a horse. holy


Pet feeding follows an exponetial growth: each level the feed power increases by approximately 1.075.

I did some testing for the first 50 levels and I got this:

I probably did the math wrong but I still think it follows this type of pattern


found out yesterday that mbc is just a pillar with limbs image image


That’s technically what golems are tbh


but its a pillar

with a soul in it



may explain this “Enough! Pillars, serve your purpose!” his only friends are some rocks that he sometimes talks to… nice…


well this is interesting… came back to an old alt today… this char is pretty old


that accuracy tho


It can be 200%


Or even 300%


1 and a half years to realize fame bonuses were a thing. and I still don’t know how to drink stat potions from the bag for the thirsty bonus.


shift + click