Stuff it's taken me years to notice


I saw you on the other day.


don’t know how you thought he was one in the first place, looks more like a jackal to me.


I just realized yesterday that the word “Immune” moves up faster than most other words.
(Everything is stasis immune these days, grumble grumble.)


Most of the time only bosses are stasis immune. Dunno what the problem is unless you want to infi-stasis a boss.


almost the entirety of the mountain temple is stasis immune


Yeah, it sucks. MT enemies don’t even need to be stasis immune apart from maybe the quiet towers.


Realizing that the Twilight Archmage has a rage phase.


it does ???



Surprising, isn’t?


Guess which enemies aren’t stasis immune?




Nor the quiet towers. Something you don’t realize until you play mystic a bunch and try to stasis things and realize they can’t be stasised in MT so you assume everything is stasis immune except for the one enemy that should be stasis immune which annoys you to the point you write a run-on, gramatically incorrect sentence about your annoyance.


That’s the joke


Oh, you mean like your entire post other than


noticed a couple months ago that u can’t usually say oryx or rotmg in public chat cuz you will get flagged for spam… now I avoid that by making intentional typos.




0ryx, orx, orxy like u said, orcs, and orykz seem to work


This has never happened to me, what situations does it occur in?


The chat line especially gets outraged if you try and say Oryx and Pots because both those words were in a RWT shop name in WS or Kabam era, the last time the spamfilter was updated with block words.

O1 and O2 are safe to type, this chat filter has trained me into always calling them that.


just typing in chat lol


Is this only in nexus? I have always typed Oryx in chat without any repercussions, but that’s likely only because I chat in realm not nexus.