Stuff it's taken me years to notice


Just depends what else is in the chat line with it, last time I triggered it was in the Castle saying something about clearing for Janus then going to Oryx, whatever combo of letters I did was verboten.


I can see some resemblance
hmmmmmmmm kinda


just a spur of the moment thing idk im probs wrong


how few abysses and sprite worlds I’ve done!


Honestly, I wish the shatters was more “open world” than it currently is. Idk maybe I’m just being a big dumb.


This one took me over 7 yrs smh image its a warrior why did it take me so long to realize this


Omg it is


I’ve noticed this before, but after 3+ years and it still not being fixed I gotta call it out.



What is that?


That is the kitchen guard from Oryx’s Kitcken.


I know I’m only red star, but it took me to becoming a dark blue star to get an item drop for the class I was actually playing. I thought that you only got item drops from classes you weren’t playing. :joy:


I noticed that too, you seem to get items for other classes more often than the one you’re using, weird.


If the tiered gear dropped with perfectly equal RNG, it’d be:
weapon (1/6 chance you can use it = 16.7% chance)
ability (1/15 chance you can use it = 6.7% chance)
armour (1/3 chance you can use it = 33.3% chance)

So yep! Quite likely that the gear you loot, you can’t use. I suppose that’s part of the key to enjoying/dislike PPE, if you enjoy letting RNG steer your course, or not.


I was just confused because I seriously didn’t get any items for the classes I was playing for the first month I played


is that with hardware acceleration on? cuz i’ve never seen that :confused:


Yup it is.


Me confusing Wis and Life as the same pot. What a Pain.


I used to think that you got A.S.S. as a drop from the sword that the stone guardians threw.


You have a 0.1% chance of getting the Cheater Armor, which is forbidden to be used, so correct.


k so apparently the ghost master always spawns on the right of the ghost king… didnt know that…