Sudden surge of dc's after update


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I’ve been getting randomly dc’ed while going through portals since the latest update. Seems to happen more on EU servers (from Canada) and its 50, sometimes ill go a few hours without but other times ill just dc over and over, several times in a row and after like 7 tries i get back into the server. Not sure whats going on


got this computer since about 4 to 5 years now and some minutes before it was the first time a program completly crashed the os so I had to hard restart the computer. Entering a Mad Lab after about 20 minutes of playing Realm caused it.

If that occures again I’m out for a moment. Don’t want to destroy my hardware for this game!


Again, entering a Mad Lab crash the whole system! So I will do no more Mad Labs, unfortunatelly.


Same. I’ve been hit with random DCs that then lock me out due to the “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” problem. 1st time it happened the Regedit and changing my Pref. server fixed it.

Happened against today while I was afk. Game froze, alt+F4’d it and then hit with the remote host problem. Also off-topic but Mad Lab crashed my game yesterday everytime, so yeah, not have a ton of fun with these issues.


I got soft locked out of an HTT a couple of tunes recently before I even entered, and I’ve neither gotten soft locked nor had any issues with HTT specifically until this point. It might have to do with a common element between the two dungeons?


This has happened to me a few times the past days during Wine Cellar’s. Super annoying.


Happened twice just before second died in shatters most annoying shit ever when you do the entire clearing phase and just get hit with fOrcjbikly cLOsED dUE TO sHiTtY gAMe


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