Summons make Duality creature from the Antinomy Artifact disappear


I’m assuming the “Duality creature” is being counted as a summon, which is why if you summon more than 3 summons, the Duality creature is the first to disappear early, before any of your summons do. I think it shouldn’t disappear, and your summon from your Mace should be the thing to disappear.
Here is what I mean in two pictures:


This is because Summons have a hardcoded limit of 3. The reason it can’t “not” be a Summon is because non-Summon ally objects can’t use projectile attacks - hence why items prior to Maces rely on “Zap” to deal damage.


Seems like a pretty silly design choice, but that’s lots of things in this game I suppose. I’d been hoping for specialty gear that could be equipped to increase the summon capacity, but I kind of gave up on that when I saw the shatters mace, which was obviously intended as a workaround for a decision Deca made themselves only a few months prior.

It was funny looking at the Daeva trix set reveal and initially thinking we’d have controllable decoys because it was a summon.


I also don’t like the fact that it moves my non-Summon ally objects (ie a perfectly centered Duality creature), when I summon another Summon.