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I try to ask support somethings but email can’t be send because. The system thinks this is spam. Fill out the captcha below and try again.I try again and again with captcha but same thinks appen , i don’t know why, nobody have an idea ?


What are you trying to ask them?


I would like to get back my account but i have no email adress and my last connection was 6 month ago


@RyxrayTWO then R.I.P. your account. If you don’t have an email address, then how are you supposed to send an email?


Just my old account don’t have an email because when i create my account we don’t need emailadress


Don’t know if any of this info will help:


Did you start playing on Steam or Kongregate?

Regardless, the email address they’re asking for is the email address to which you want them to reply. Ie, put any address you want there and they’ll use that to email you back.

They don’t necessarily need your in-game account email address. All they need is your in-game username, plus any email address to reply.


I know that but the link for verify email adress here ( does not work


@RyxrayTWO in the time I’ve been playing RotMG, there hasn’t been a time where players haven’t registered with email. If you’re too young to have an email account, you’re too young to be playing RotMG without violating ToS. I don’t know what you want.


You played on before, and you want to use that account again?

If that’s the case, you may be out of luck. Kabam no longer exists, so unless you did the migration thing in 2016 then your account is gone.


There was a time you could play with an email that wasnt yours


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