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I don’t like any of the options in the poll :roll_eyes:


a deca employee?


what in the world of an ungodly flying fuck does my anime preferance have to do with keeping rotmg fresh and exciting


hit me like a truck when they asked about FMA and AoT and the likes but hell yeah


Super hyped for the free 3 mystery pots


imagine doing that for 3 pots


at least I’ll have 3 more mystery pots than you ._.


sorry, but I wont fall for the Chinese finger trap this time


So they can see which one is the most popular to make skins out of it so they can later sell them to us! c:


the exciting part is when they make [NSFW of RoTMG], which will [be good for business, I guess idfk just sounds really damn weird that they need to specifically know what you like. what WOULD they do with this information anyway, because the only thing that makes sense is make more skins to sell like @Glawi said, cuz they sure as hell aren’t gonna make dungeons or items related to the results imo.]

then again, it could just be for more commercial purposes I guess, like stylistic stuff (since the game is really lacking in that department), even then it doesn’t make sense, and comes off as intrusive.


Another survey… about the survey! :hole: :rabbit2:
Did you answer them? Both polls, or just one, or none?

  • I answered both polls! :+1: :+1:
  • I answered only the Discord poll (about Out of Combat) :+1: :-1:
  • I answered only the Google Docs poll (about your likes) :-1: :+1:
  • I answered neither poll :-1: :-1:
  • Mind your own gorram business!! :shushing_face:

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Jolyne Cujoh skin when?


ok now make a survey about the survey of the survey


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