Cook nades


You can simply kill your partner in duo by punching barrels or ovens when they’re standing there.


Gotta eat


Lol I tried a similar game before, might try this one once I’m back from holiday


Why shouldn’t I be surprised for you making this thread xd




it can be fun but thats basically the game lol


17 solo :smiley:



Its one of the most addictive and fun game I have ever played!
Ive put hours into this game ( I only have 3 wins) that I should have been doing way more productive things
I have to find away to stop playing if I want to succede in school
Just be cautious before playing this game, I cant stop now





Which one would you say is the best?



Double barrel. Mp220


when you are the team


tauntaued addicted :white_check_mark:


more accessible version of fortnite?


closer to pubg, no building.

but yes.


i just want first in every mode all that left is solo


You say that now.


Surviv io is better than realm kek


I never find ammo xd