Suspicious about Shards


i have a feeling the shards of the doorwarden, oryx, intern, or advisor, when i consume a stack of one (ie a stack of 15 shard of interns) i’ll get the same ability over and over again.
in this case, i got 4 samurai oryx abilities in a row
when i was doing the doorwarden shards, i would get the oryx heavy armor about 10 times in a row
i haven’t been grinding mad god shards, but the last two weapons were both predator bows (not complaining, but just to add to the fact)

This surely can’t be RNG.


It’s RNG, you’ve just been unlucky. I’ve just gotten the trap twice for my last two. But looking through them pretty sure I’ve gotten all of the abilities at least once. Some only once, some more, but nothing out of the ordinary distribution-wise. Some people though is bound to get 4 in a row of something, and you’re one of the unlucky ones.

If you really want one in particular you can turn in twice as many at the Tinkerer.


i’m not going for anything specific, and I don’t really have time to grind for two stacks anyway. I just wanted to at least get random weapons/abilities among the 17 you can get.


i know this is true but opening skins also feels like this, i always get dupes, same with whites in dungeons, got my first enforcer a few days ago after 4 banners and still havent got star or shielding.

i know its all rng but…