Sword of Storms [Revamp]


Sword of Storms

Born of the sky,
a surging energy erupted into the weapon,
pulsing through the blade edge;


Tier: UT
Shots: 1
Damage: 275-425 (Average: 350)
Projectile Speed: 14 Tile(s)/second
Lifetime: 150 Milliseconds
Range: 2.1 Tile(s)
Amplitude: 0.42 Tile(s)
Frequency: 0.49 Cycle(s)/shot
Rate of Fire: 35%
Effects: Electrostaticimage for 0.2 seconds (delay: 0.5 seconds)
Effect (Electrostatic/Zap) Damage: 500-600 (Average: 550)
Effect (Electrostatic/Zap) Radius: 4.2 Tile(s)
Stat Bonus: -2 Defense, -2 Speed
Soulbound: Lock
Fame Bonus: 7%
Feed Power: 700

Drops From: Native Sprite GodSprite%20God
Loot Bag: image

<Object type="0x9c9" id="Sword of Storms">
<DisplayId>Sword of Storms</DisplayId>
<Description>Born of the sky, a surging energy erupted into the weapon, pulsing through the blade edge; ignition.</Description>
	<ObjectId>Lightning Bolt</ObjectId>
	<ConditionEffect Delay="0.6" Duration="0.2" MinDamage="500" MaxDamage="600" Range="4.2">Electrostatic</ConditionEffect>
<ActivateOnEquip stat="21" amount="-2">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
<ActivateOnEquip stat="22" amount="-2">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>

  • Though the Delay="x" Variable isn’t a current one, what it would do is delay the time it takes for the status effect to actually affect the target. In this case it would cause the enemy to zap 0.6 seconds after it is hit with the projectile.

  • The status effect Electrostatic is much similar to the behaviour Zap, however an enemy will instead Zap another enemy to either deal damage or another status effect within a specified radius.
    It can be repeated through the means of a specified cooldown (Default: 2 seconds).

St. Patrick’s Day Reskin:
image image

Previous Version: Sword of Storms

Previous Sprites

image -> image -> image -> image

If there are any questions about things that are unclear about the item, please leave a comment and I’ll reply as well as I can.
Thanks for reading.


What is Electrostatic effect?


So basically, while an enemy is under the effect they will fire a ‘zap’ much like a sceptre, in the sense that they will shoot of a bolt at the nearest enemy and deal the specified damage to them.


Very good sprite but might need different drop location.

Also 7% fame bonus is too big.


Definitely needs a new drop location, I just need something lightning themed that doesn’t already drop 2-3 whitebags and a 2-4 ST pieces.


Perhaps change the Drop Location to the Jade and Garnet Statues? I know they don’t exactly represent “storm”, but I thought they would fit because of their “elemental” theme. I feel like Ivory Wyvern would be decent as well.

As of the item, I love the sprite, as always.


Xolotl can work as drop location too


This sword looks like the reskin a.s.s for alien invasion


I mean you could make electrostatic name be chain lighting because thats straight forward, but its a solid idea of what its worth. Imo I think the electrostatic damage should be tone down and as a person mention the fame bonus is way too high for a simple drop easily attainable. And how I see the weapon, it’s a poor mans a.s.s with utility no offense.


drop location is not xolotl yet? smh.


Me, waiting for the day redox changes the drop location to xolotl.


Me, waiting for the day redox changes the drop location to Garnet Statue





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