Sword of the Warden


Okay, first things first, go look at the sword(The stats).Just do it.


Drops from Janus the Doorwarden

Rate of Fire:50%
Range:4.5 tiles
shots:2(They are the cool Janus boomerangs)
Shots 2 fires 1 second after the first
shot 1 speed:3 tiles/per sec
shot 2 speed:1.5 tiles/per sec
shots pierce through enimies
Shots are boomerangs
(Drop Rate:1/1025)
On equip - 10 def + 2 dex

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments!
Also…I need a sprite…Preferably if it looks like Janus.


I always thought Janus looked like a phallus certain type of sword


Well know I know how to edit and I don’t
need this post.Sweet.No joke.


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I would buff this drop rate.
For comparison, rarer event whites are probably 1/1000 range.


Are you thinking something like this? Loosely based on the Ancient Stone Sword sprite.


This sword is useless.
(Black line is your sword.)


If I understood correctly the shots are boomerangs, so the enemy will get hit twice basically doubling the dps.


Will do! @Faedris That is pretty cool, not what I had in mind, but it’s good .


@Elbowpunch Draw something up roughly in paint that you are imagining and I can try to make it a sprite.


Is that property even possible? if it is then my post is the useless one lol


Well, assuming the shots did boomerang and hit again, this would be a stupid op sword. I’d suggest lowering the damage to accommodate for the fact that shots hit twice. Also, the drop rate is still ridiculously rare and i don’t think the sword needs to have stats bonuses (or reductions).


No it isn’t, an enemy or player can only be hit by a projectile once, so this would not work. This sword is useless.




Forgot to put the ‘shots pierce’ on the original, sorry.


The stats;it’s because of the OP damage;as well as the drop rate.And it needs to hit with both shots to
do that much damage.


Suggested stat changes:
145 -185 Damage -> 125-160 Damage
2 shots -> 3 shots
Make shots act like Pixie or DBlade instead of a burst rifle, AKA all fire at once but at an arc
Arc: 9°
50% RoF -> 75% RoF
4.5 Range -> 3.9 Range
Add armor pierce


Don’t worry about it-I made it as free draw to post your ideas for the sprite!


Even if shots pierce they can still hit a target only once.


Anyways, I like the idea of boomerang shots. I would say give it similar range to csword, slow projectile speed, and somewhat less dps than csword. I like the multiple shots as well