Tackling RWT, but an extreme method


I’m pretty new, Could you tell me how to block that? thanks in advance


if all ur doing on the game is being a merchant then why the hell are you on the game lol
while i dont quite agree with it, if all it affects are just ppl that only trade, those ppl are more than likely to use realmstock or rwt, or whatever the hell

cease and desist bruH


It’s really not, though. You want DECA to blacklist every single word related to RWT/cheating, when people can bypass them using spaces, punctuation, numbers, and special characters.


May we not get off topic here?


Was I unclear? Couldn’t you follow my reasoning? Let me rephrase:

Cheating is only possible because its a viable and easy way to bypass the unfun part of maxing/grinding. If the fun would be all into the maxing and not only when you are maxed, then cheating wouldn’t be a viable mean to have fun.

Attacking the problem at its roots, if you will.


Flash and Unity use the same language? I thought they’d have to code in a completely different one.


Unity mostly uses C# and JS, so yeah, I’d assume they had to rewrite it.

I know this thanks to the extensive knowledge of the all-knowing DuckDuckGo.



(UGC team help me!) The impression I got was that they were taking the original Flash code and porting it to Unity while attempting to make it more efficient as they went, not that the two use identical languages as a default. I could be very wrong about that, however.


what’s wrong with trading? i don’t speak for myself but i was big into merching back in the day, it’s not so much the accumulation of value but the fun in doing so. i didn’t say all you have to do is merch but it’s a fun little game within a game if you will.


Honestly, merching is some of the only real player interaction in the game other than the chat. I would love to see it encouraged more in some way.


:rofl: wtf!?



This was the impression but instead they just copied the flash code, ported it to another language and thought its gonna work. They didn’t make any changes to try make it more efficient instead they just made some things less efficient. Exalt currently has 3 known memory leaks that are 10 times worse than what flash had. Exalt also takes 1-2 minutes to load on a high end pc. Exalt took 2 years to create.

I’m not going to lie to you. Exalt is TRASH. From a programmers point of view Exalt is literally GARBAGE, its one of, if not the worst game clients I have seen from a game company.

I guess thats what happens when you make a campaign for unity and put the money in mobile games instead of the actual unity project.


Where is your source for such a baseless claim? I have never experienced a memory leak on the current client, opposed to the constant constant reloading of the flash client. Sure, when the exalt client was initially released, the beta had its flaws. And there are still persistent bugs, but the gripes that most players experience are client side, not client based.

Furthermore, I have a “high end” PC from 2016, it takes me exactly 46.8 seconds to load in. Which is not unreal for an mmo built in Unity.

The porting of the client wasn’t as simple as copying code to new engine. The client written in actionscript 3 was a mess, and development started from the ground up in many aspects. Combine this with having to learn Unity, and port the game to C#, and the development cycle is pretty fair in retrospect. Also note that Deca was not solely focusing their efforts on this goal. They had also released plenty of content and QoL patches during this time.

“I’m not going to lie to you”. Well technically, you haven’t, you’ve expressed your opinion, which contains no truth or falsehood. It is subjective, not objective.

Please, enlighten me, why is Exalt garbage? Have you never decompiled the flash client before? Fellow programmer here, sidelined by your anti-Deca sentiment, and lack of actual substantial proof of your claims.


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Nah man, I play Exalt for more than 2 hours and I had less memory take up than yours.


I had a 2007 pc.

Minecraft worked fine.
Terraria worked fine.
Garry’s mod worked fine.

But rotmg took 5 minutes to launch, and i had to wait 10 seconds in loading screens, my fingers crossed because it would randomly crash if it was open for too long, not including frame skips. What you’re saying here is “Haha, my pc is better than yours, you’re trash”. This game shouldn’t be about computer specs, especially if it’s supposed to be a direct upgrade from flash.




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Last I checked this thread was about abolishing rwt by removing trading, not flexing pc specs and bashing the exalt client. Contain yourselves.


I wouldn’t say remove trading because that would be too extreme. We can’t beat bots but we can reduce the chance of players depending on RWT’s.


You want to either soulbind or remove pretty much every item worth trading so I don’t really see what the difference is.

Decas are duped. Let’s just put an end to trading! People are duping and selling Legacy STs. Let’s just convert all Legacies to their current counterparts! RWT exists. Let’s just hammer the economy!

This is no different from:

The game’s mechanics are flawed. Let’s just discontinue the game! So many hackers running around. Let’s just ban everyone! Tons of duped items are hiding in bot accounts. Let’s just /kill every character!

Not only is the belief that the issue can simply be solved with this so-called “solution” naive, but it’s also derisory to assume that DECA hasn’t put thought into the whole circumstance. They know what RWT is. They know how it’s impacting the game. There’s a certain balance that developers have to follow, no matter how damaging the problem is, and wiping out all chances of players actually communicating, getting together, and exchanging items goes against RotMG’s original design of a co-op game where players can interact to obtain needed items. Trading isn’t some new, worthless, expendable feature that can be yeeted just because a few asshats are trying to make money off of it. It’s a huge part of the game that is open for modernizing, improving, and embellishing, but should otherwise be left untouched. There’s a reason why DECA hasn’t tampered with the SB status for every item in the game (or even the majority) – because they understand the big rift that will be created between players.