Tackling RWT, but an extreme method


I did, but because of the negative responses to that idea, I decided to try something else.


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How do you know duping is fixed?
Afaik people usually kept their methods a secret to prevent them from being patched, so how can you tell?


Huh? I am not removing legacy items ok? That idea is already scrapped. You can still get them from trading but also giving players an additional opportunity to obtain them outside of trading (excluding RWT’s).

Then why do RWT still sell Duping services hmm? More than just UT/ST duping but also pet food duping, vault chest, quest chest and character slot duping.


Quiet, you.


Eh. Whenever they say duping is fixed, I take it with a grain of salt. They patched the obvious duping methods, but by then, those were becoming widespread public knowledge. It’s the smart ones that keep quiet and limit who they share their tactics with that keep DECA on their toes, I’m sure.


Let’s see…

No one (except Twitchy) so far give a thought of my new idea for Legacy ST as mentioned.


Because we all got tired of the conversation. But sure, let’s go over your new idea.

I’ve said this before, but fixing duping glitches won’t do anything to RWT, because just one exploit is needed to mass produce thousands of items. Just one. And RotMG has had several.

Ten days ago, this is what I said in this very same thread:

To be blunt, your old idea was terrible, but at least it solved something. The economy would be screwed up, so many players would quit, thousands of legitimate mules would be lost, the negative impacts it would have on the game far outweighed the benefits, and I’m seriously against following through that procedure, but it would at least theoretically work. Your new idea, on the other hand, will not work. At all.

Making items more easily accessible does not sway any cheater into trying to obtain them legitimately. Pots can be gathered from running dungeons and killing enemies, and yet RWT sites still offer them. There is proof of that everywhere, including bots spamming maxing service advertisements. People don’t make use of RWT because they can’t get items. They do it because they don’t want to spend any effort getting them.

Reduce the reliance on RWT’s to obtain the respective items.
No, it doesn’t. And I’ve stated why just above. :arrow_up:

It gives an opportunity for someone to experience what the legacy sets were like.
They can do that. Legacy STs can be traded. Like, right now. No update is necessary! :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, DECA isn’t really interested in keeping classic things (items, dungeon designs, features, etc.) from the “good old days” just for the sake of new players. The Reconstruction Update proved that, so I don’t see how this is a valid pro.

It gives an additional use of leftover fame.
My friend, there are so, so, so, so many better ways of making Fame more useful. And this is not it. Some examples include a guild rework, personalized symbols/banners, dungeon-related competitions, solo/guild-exclusive dungeons, keys that can be bought using Fame, etc.

Btw, you understand that you can just make them guaranteed purchases instead of mystery boxes, right? I see you making the entire system luck-based, then immediately talking about its RNG aspect as a bad thing.


I could have you are right…

I even decided to scrap that idea before you said it…

And yet you stated why such service exists… what else now? UT/ST duping?

The quantity of such equipment should be decreasing from the entire game, not increasing from nowhere. I already scrapped the idea of converting them to SB because the overwhelming negative responses.

You are talking about stat potions right or what?

Basically you are saying we waved the white flag to them and even more will pop from nowhere.


No. You didn’t. Your new idea revolves around the hope that making Legacy items obtainable via Fame will fight RWT. But it costs 10K Fame? A cheater won’t think, “10K Fame sounds reasonable for a few Legacy items. Let’s play legitimately!” They’ll think, “Ehhh…10K? I’d rather just spend a few bucks.”

My point: Making Legacy STs obtainable won’t stop people from buying from RWT sites. Oh? They can be bought for Fame? They don’t give a shit. They’d rather just buy them off some shady place, much like they do for pots. Oh? You can get pots from dungeons? Who cares? You can just buy them with money.

Tell me, what is the difference?

I have few clues on what you’re trying to say here, but I think what you mean is, “They’ll start duping UTs/STs in the future.” If that’s the case, there’s a not-so-secret method called “duping SB items and selling accounts.” UT/ST duping isn’t really a new subject.

This ties back to what I said previously. Trying to give more incentive to grind for the items without cheating? That’s great! But your new idea doesn’t do that.

I’m talking about everything, whether they’re stat potions, gear, whatever.

You keep saying this, but even if you perceive this whole thing as giving up, the devs still shouldn’t act rashly and follow through concepts that are arguably flawed to the core. “Basically you are saying?” I’m not saying anything like so. If there’s an idea that’s both fair to the players and game while chipping away at RWT, I’m all for it. Just because I disagree with specifically this idea and think it’s rather shortsighted, that doesn’t mean I believe in giving up and letting the game become some breeding ground for illegal business. I’m saying that so far, there doesn’t seem to be a set solution, and if there does happen to be one that isn’t overly complicated, the devs would have found it by now.

And not contradicting your own words might be an okay start to getting us to believe that this is a good idea.


I think it would be kinda funny to replace all Deca rings with UBHP rings. (this thread is about extreme methods, after all)


This is off-topic, but I love your avatar picture. 10/10


I would be for that, just to get legacy sentient staves more reliably.

Its okay, as long as I get to produce legacies out of thin air.

However, I dont think this idea will solve much of the problem, as already stated by Gamma.

From my point of view, those who buy from RWT do not see they’re still making an effort by buying with money, because money comes from effort (usually, working). I do have to say that I dont know if the prices are high or low, so like if its 2 :dollar: for a single maxing, I would agree with buyers ngl.

What I dont agree with is skipping an entire phase of gameplay. Not worth my money.


Well, think of the time it takes to max. At least a few hours, usually more than a few for me. Then think of the money it costs to rwt, and compare the ratio of time to money. It just doesn’t really compare. That’s why rwt sites still exist


For me as well.

No matter how hard I’d think I wouldn’t come up with the price range. I’ve only seen what kind of services they offered.


I don’t know the price range either, I’m assuming it’s less than 100$ though because I remember an old post on a class tier list thread saying that trickster was the worst because it costed $45 to 8/8 on or something.


Don’t you dare to say its name dude…


Sorry! didnt know that was something to look out for that was just what the post i was referring to said!


No worries! Just something to look out for in the future.


45 DOLLAHZ?!?!? US or euro or CD?


idk thats just what post said i dont have clue if its even right, was from awhile go