TacoRPG's PPE thread Part 2: Electric Boogaloo


Click edit on your post, ctrl A, ctrl C, then go to WB thread and ctrl v that sucker in there.


Taco revive thyself! Ppe footage is NOT allowed to just STOP like that! >:d


paladin died in a LH because spooky boi decided to tp to me while i went to get a cup of water.

will retry pally someday as i’m not happy enough with the result, but for now i will be doing mundane sorc



you read that correct


Here’s the highlight reel.


OwO 35th event white!

I’d like to thank that 0.01% of a person who still reads this thread.


excuse me what

i havent had 35 whites full stop




I haven’t gotten an event white other than cwand and csword. :frowning: :confused:


I have maybe 15


Do a cdepths/wlab event and get like 15…
sobs quietly


Do event, gets one white. It’s not even the one I want. Dies with it a week later.

Yay parasite event all those months ago


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