Tags on the map

I have an idea for RotMG, especially for Unity release. I want to see tags on the map. You can set only one at one time. You can delete them and may be generate shortest path which will be showed on the map. They will be visible to you, peoples who locked you and may be your guildmates. If you hover over the icon of map tag, you will see nickname of player, who made it and may be X and Y. This icons will be lost when you exit the realm or go into the dungeon. It would help people to reach godlands in new realm, or speedrun realms, placing tags where excepted bounties like Ent Ancient will spawn, for example.

Here is picture of pixel map tag, i’ve founded on the internet. It must be colored of course.

Yes, idea is very raw and my english is not so good, but at least i tried xD


Sounds to me i would be seeing tens of those tags, and still not know which one was originally mine :-/


Besides, every realm changes while you’re in it: certain areas showing (bees’ nest, for instance), others disappearing (due to newer areas covering them), so glands could also disappear at some moment (if it was small enough to start with)


I can already see this being abused


The idea’s pretty good, but needs to be refined.

What could be done is the following : you can place one marker on the map. It can be seen by you, your guildmates and your friends (finally a use for the friendlist?). We could also think about a way to share your marker with other players for a single dungeon/realm with a button in the player contextual menu (the one with trade, whisper, add friend, block…).

Depending on the person’s marker, it would have a unique colour. For example, your marker could be red, you guildie’s markers could be green, and your friends markers could be purple. You could enable an option to see the name of the player who placed a marker by hovering over said marker.

There would most likely have to be an option to disable it, but it could be of great help for realm clearing, organised dungeon runs and such.


Do you mean something like this? (i am bad in photoshop)


Yeah pretty much. The person would have to accept it just like a trade request (although it could be in another interface, like a popup in a corner of the window for example) to prevent abuses though (for example tons of bots spamming your map).


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