Taking a break for a while


recent losses and deaths with minimal fault of my own have pushed me to take a break. i may be back, i may not, but i also have some irl things to get ahead of. ill stay active on forums and reddit, ofc.

unnecessary post but i felt the need to say it :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club.


I’ve been off for like 4-5 months, only went in this month to get a char slot and a 6/8 and then I’m off again.

Trust me. Taking a break is the best decision you will make for at least a month.

Guarantee it.


I suggest you post here also:

Sad to see you going, but you will be back i know it :wink:

(maybe mods can freeze your account so you can keep Regular when you return; not sure how that works)


Its relatively easy to take a break, or quit - As long as your determined and resilient, you can go forever…

But be warned, Realm is fking addictive


nah i’m down to stay on realmeye forums. its just that everything i played the game for built up to one point, and that point let me down. you’ll see me here just as often, hopefully.



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