Taking a break


Overall, this game is causing me too much stress,I spend too much time on this game just for what? A stupid white bag with a item i’m probably going to lose. It’s rewarding to get white bags but it takes too much time, I die more than I get a rare item. The events they normally so, are so dumb. They put good items in a chest and call it a event, while I would rather have less lag or a new dungeon than an event. Every time I do an event, for example,during events Deca creates, people get white bags, when they don’t deserve it.
This game is too rewarding to people who sit down and farm for hours. This is why I thought the Cinco De Mayo event was pretty nice. The people who farm non-stop will just get gumballs and cloths. I know even though Deca made this event like this, I’m not sure if they will do the same for the events coming. They could either be not as rewarding or be really rewarding. Since Deca mostly care about money. I think they will pick the latter.
I probably will be coming back but for now, I’ll be taking a break. I know most of you don’t know me but I’m just a casual realm player that needs to take a break.

That is why I would be taking a break.


that’s the line of thought i’ve taken recently too. i barely play now, if ever.

on an off note, @shatter @nevov it’s a pain to bother you two but move this thread to the farewell thread as well.



No worries also not moving, it’s that same thing.


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