Taverns and Mini-quests (More Low-Midlands QoL)


“Why settle for less and why settle for small. It’s your game to play, why not come try them all!”

- Tavern Crawl Song

Thanks to @Pomfers I gave a bit of time to think about the general progression in the game. Personally think that there’s very little to help the transition for newer players to really get into the game and learn it.

This would be a work in progress for now but what I would propose is a new building or possibly NPCs which inhabit Oryx’s realms. One example would be taverns, it could be marked specially on the mini-map like events such as hive or sentry (though maybe there could also be an option to hide it from the mini-map) so newer players have a place to gather and possibly form groups together to eventually venture out deeper into the game.


These taverns could have a bar-keep and quest boards that have specific quests that could guide players on their exploration of the realm. These quests could help these players get good gear to transition into should they be able to complete it. As of what these quests could be right now its a WIP but suggestions are appreciated!

Veteran players could also benefit from these as taverns can possibly be a source of consumable items which could aid in their adventures. Quests would work like a sort of bounty system where the upon achieving quest requirements, the quest updates automatically and once it has been fulfilled, the players will then be able to go back to the tavern and collect their rewards.

Players can also choose to interact with the bar or the barkeep to ‘mark’ their tavern. So that if they need to nexus or go into dungeons, they will still see a specific indicator on the map as to where to find the tavern they were in.
These rewards would essentially depend on the type of quest the players take on:


Sample Quest board GUI once the player interacts with


These types of quests would normally involve players needing to kill a specific type of monster, its name and icon would appear on the top right as well as the number of these monsters that they will need to kill. This will hopefully familiarize players with various enemies as well as be more outgoing to taking on challenges and exploring the midlands.

Upon successfully killing these monsters, the players can then head back to the according tavern and collect their rewards. These rewards can include a variety of t6-10 weapons and armors, t3-t4 abilities, t3-t4 tier rings and common pet eggs.


These sorts of quests are special as they do not have the same rewards as the hunting quests. Instead these sorts of quests will ask the player to do cartography and ‘step’ on specific tiles or a specific number of them and report back to the tavern.

These tiles will be special tiles such as midlands to highlands, and event tiles. After reporting this to the tavern, the barkeep or bar help will assist in telling the player what lies within those tiles and what they can expect. This of course won’t tell the entirety of it but mainly talk about how difficult it can be and what enemies and ‘gimmicks’ they should expect when crossing these lands.

These can involve dungeon tiles as well so that players can slowly learn about the different types of dungeons out there before going into them. Their reward would mainly be dialogue with the barkeep and/or bar help giving information on:

Midlands and Godlands Dungeons, Pet Reports (remarks on pet leveling and pet usefulness), Tips surviving within the area and actual experience points should they be present at the end of the dialogue. Players also get a chance to get the ‘Magic Map’ item if they happen upon specifically difficult exploration quest.

Magic Map Details

Magic Map


An magical map capable of printing a mental image to its caster of the area through a wave of magic

Type: Consumable
Effects on self: Reveals entire map on the mini-map
Consumed with use
Feed Power: 50
Max stack 1


These sorts of quests would involve bringing a certain number of people over to the tavern, finishing a certain number of quests, achieving a certain level, or a certain amount of fame. The requirements of this quest can be fulfilled at any point as long as the tavern encounters the requirements. These sorts of quests will be more focused on triggering certain events into happening. However these quests will be unique per tavern sort of thing.

The bartender would then perform an interaction with the bar keep and distribute consumable items as well as pet food items which can be picked up by the players, as well as the players gaining a small buff (possibly vitality boost as these are new players) for a few minutes.

Types of Consumables:

Types of Consumables:



A plentiful drink with a mild taste.

Type: Consumable
Effects on self: +50 HP
Consumed with use
Feed Power: 5
Max stack 12



A packed drink with a very strong taste.

Type: Consumable
Effects on self: +200 HP
Consumed with use
Feed Power: 5
Max stack 3



Type: Pet Food
Feed Power: 250
Effect: Halves feeding cost



Type: Pet Food
Feed Power: 500

With all these quest types in mind, this would hopefully be able to bring new players together and guide them towards exploring and understanding the realm!

Mini-quests can also be given out by random NPCs, these will not count towards Heroes of Oryx… But this would be a work in progress as its a bit vague at the moment for me. Suggestions would be welcome though!

What do you think about the idea?

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To try to spark a bit more discussion on the idea I tried fleshing it out a bit more, added diagrams and a variety of consumables as well as more specifics on the quest mechanics.


I was skeptical at first, but the more I look at it the more I like it. I assume taverns would be in the lowlands not far from spawn? I’m not sure I would ever use this other than maybe for the feed power, but it seems like a fun [npc] way to familiarize new players with the game.
I have a minor concern that this would serve to distract from the main goals of the game (maxing, doing harder content) and exactly how many times a new player(s) would come to one of these before advancing past this stage (especially considering all the effort put in to implementing this).


I really really really hope DECA is going to do something like this with the Realm Rework. Especially if the Realms are going to get a lot bigger, these little buildings with NPCs, sidequests (Like, kill 10 Paper Golems) and other structures would give the realm such a better look and feel!

It would just give everything a lot more of an exploration and adventure vibe and the Realm would feel a lot more ‘alive’.


I love this idea, it’s amazing. But what about taverns for higher level 8/8 players? Maybe it could be flavored as an adventurer’s guild chapter house. Realm could feel a lot more like an rpg if it had these kinds of things.


Mhm! I found that one of the main reasons that make the game difficult for new players is that they might feel a bit lost as there is very little in-game guidance towards progression. This might be a way to address this issue.

The players would need to do at least some exploring to find these taverns though as they’ll be scattered throughout lowlands and midlands. Also at the moment I’m planning to have multiple types of taverns as it might be ‘boring’ to have the same layout over and over again. Some may have different rewards or specialty consumables!

This was mainly inspired from this song:
Tavern Crawl (Twisted Taverns) - YouTube

There will be definite references and even quests related to Godlands and Highlands, Exploration Quests and Investigation Quests would cover them occasionally and hopefully pique the player’s interests. There would be the mentions of how to get stronger, of ‘powerful potions’ (stat potions) which lie within the dungeons. Stronger better equipment and the challenges the players could face. Teasing the players bit by bit on the content up ahead or what awaits the true start of their journey.

There’s only really so much early-mid tier items till the players would want to seek more. I want to keep some of the essence of ‘just going with it’ as part of the RotMG vibe to some extent. Nonetheless the taverns should inform newer players in general on progression, it’ll be up to them if they’ll want to see it through or not I suppose.


Interesting! Although right now I really only envision taverns as an early-mid game thing. There’s already so much content for late game or 8/8 players to cover so personally don’t find too much reason for a late game tavern.

Besides, late game players might frequent taverns from time to time too if they want some specific consumables. (Personally I’d grind out the Dark Ale if I’m going into hard dungeons and Light Ale for casual farming).

I’m not dismissing the suggestion though, as I myself did consider this though while making this idea. Right now I just want to think about it for a bit but as it stands I’m biased towards having this mainly for newer players.


Same thoughts here!!! Although personally I found a bit of charm to the ‘what the hell am I doing’ or ‘what the heck is that, should I be running away? Can I keel it?’ back when I was a wee nub. (technically still am to some extent XD)

Nonetheless, this change would help realm be more inviting and social to some extent. I really want some of my friends to at least try the game a bit more but the gap between early to mid-late game is huge. This might just be me projecting wanting to have more real life people I know to play the game together with.


Exactly, stuff like this is a lot more inviting for newer players. I’m sure they can balance it well so we still all get killed by some Grey Blobs :wink:


I completely agree with the bias towards new players. Realm is not very friendly towards them. What i was thinking that once you do enough endgame stuff, there isnt any motivation, but an endgame tavern could give some.


To be fair they just released exaltations as a mechanic as well but I get where you’re coming from. For now this could be an idea for another time I suppose. Perhaps it can involve the accumulated fame? This is mainly speculation at this point though. Feel free to build on the idea it if you’d like!


I especially love the Hunting Quest Idea. I love playing PPEs and if you could do these Hunting quests for some tiered item upgrade that would help PPE´s in the start alot. Sometimes I was looking for a weapon upgrade for like 2k fame xd


lol nice reminds me of adventurers guilds from isekai anime. like konosuba. or goblin slayer Lmfao


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