Terraria Thread


also is it possible to do expert moonlord without buffs? im kinda shit when it comes to herb farms and pots


my luck is going insane now…

and still havent beaten the EoC!!!


lol the only reason i fought the eoc pre hardmode was for the money, i personally find that demonite gets outclassed very fast


Or because upon reaching certain easy to obtain stat requirements (200 hp, 8 defense, and 3 townspeople) it has a 1/2 chance to spawn every night until you kill it, so might as well


lul after u replied, i am already preparing for hardmode, cascade, here i come!


damn just a rec for anyone that doesn’t know, dart rifle + cursed darts kills off the destroyer in maybe a minute or two, built a sky platform and killed it first try for the first time ever

granted i did a bunch of prep for a worm-type enemy in general


Daedalus Stormbow+OP Box 40bl above ground with some buffs will help kill destroyer.
For twins, use a large stacked arena with daedalus stormbow with buffs/leaf wings
For Skelly Prime, same strat as twins


red devils are a pain in the ass without wings. jesus christ, killed 5 golems, no feather.


Build a house in the jungle and buy wings from the witch doctor for 1 plat.


but im way too lazy like hell for that.


It’s easier than farming flight souls/feathers. You only need to make a small room.


k fine. also what weapons r good for destroyer OTHER than that daedalus?


I personally used the Daedalus stormbow with jester arrows since it’s probably the easiest way to beat the destroyer right out of pre-hardmode.

But if you want something else…magical harp works well, but you need to beat the twins first. Or you could also use a star cannon if you have enough stars.


k lemme use magical harp, but i have nightmares with spazmatism’s 2nd phase, that dashing is WAY too fast for me. back then i used amarok and shadowflame knife for him and it worked well but now it doesnt.


holy fak i killed the destroyer with only shadowflame knife and alot of buff pots. he ended up killing all of my npcs but i did it.

godamn it was a pain in the ass but i did it.


dart gun + cursed darts if you’re up for farming souls of night

oops i noticed you defeated it

on another note, how’s the ko cannon as a weapon? i got it as a drop from those stupid clowns during a blood moon.


I keep it as a side arm at best, very good if you get it early

However many other hardmode weapons are more than viable to replace it


since u r terraria fan, gimme ranger items that can beat plantera, that impossible boss is too hard for me other than using the brute force tactic…


You are the scum of the earth.

Use the 800mm Gustav Schwerer (or Schwerer Gustav) with HEAP (High Explosive Anti Plantera) rounds. You can fire it once ever 24hrs. in game and it pops Plantera like a beast.

Seriously though, use Armor Piercing (AP) with the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte

Okay crap visit this link (https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Guide:Plantera_strategies) for viable strats.
Using a megersherk/ Magnetic Accelerator Cannon 10 with ichor+Crystal bullets