Testing Server


So, I try to login to the testing server, but I get TokenNotSpecified error. Is anyone else not getting this? I redownloaded as well as updated and nothing works. I do not use steam.


Did you download the special testing launcher from here, or are you just using the usual game launcher and switching to testing?


Overall, Testing this week was not the best. I think Deca could have done a lot better, for example instead of clearing a whole realm which takes approximately 10-20 minutes, they should have made respawning Oryx Sanctuary portals like in previous Testing Sessions. Also, almost 70% of the time for me, and other players we would disconnect from the game, and this occurred mostly when entering the castle so at this point it was a disaster. The apples were out of stock, and the UT leather armours were out of stock which I really wanted to test out. But, when we made it into the castle, when we got Chancellor Dammah, many players will pvp (player vs player), so the players who weren’t really familiar with Dammah would eventually have to die or nexus during Miasma . And for Oryx 3, they would purposely activate counters, and this was usually a disaster if you got a sicken counter. Edit: also advertising it as a purely ''Oryx Sanctuary Training (for real this time) was a bad idea, since many players including me got our hopes up for no reason, just to be told last minute that you will have to clear realms.


I approve!
Advertising it as “O3 Training” was an exaggeration.
If it truly were a “O3 Training”, the time to access O3 wouldn’t be thrice as long than the actual time in O3.

Im not a bored PPE/NPE “omg ez just dodge” player, but one who wants to improve cause im pretty mediocre at this game. For me as a casual player this would have been a great opportunity, if it was more time efficient.