Testing the Shatters


Hello Realmers,

We are opening the Testing servers to test a few tweaks on The Shatters. This time we need you to join in large groups. Therefore we disabled Key popping: there will be a portal on the Nexus taking you to the dungeon and all the items you can possibly need will be in the store, for free, of course.

These are the changes that we would like you to try out:

  • Lowered projectile range and projectile count on Blobombs
  • Reduced Invulnerability of The Forgotten King by 2 seconds on his phase 1 attacks
  • Adjusted HP scaling based on the number of players
  • Adjusted some parameters in order to avoid disconnections

So, gather your friends, select Testing at the top right of the launcher, and join us for some fun. Remember that, in order to do so, you’ll need a testing account - your regular one won’t work. If you don’t have one, please create it as you would normally do.

Also, if you get disconnected on your first try logging in, please try again. Thank you.


Is this still live? I was able to enter and play ~ 18 hours ago or so, but am now getting a message saying “You can’t download this build.”