The Achievement Thread


Achieved something new in Realm? Post a picture here!

Guys. Best Wizard Roll Ever!
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It has been an year
The Forum Achievements Thread
Achievement Thread [duplicate]
Haha red star
I just made my first 8/8!
Achievement Thread [duplicate]
Achievement Thread [duplicate]

16 days on forums read!


Too lazy to screenshot.


yeelow star 3 hours ago but it looks ugly


wait edit: its 17 days read


I got my first 7/8 :smiley: going for the 8/8 dream but im too poor :frowning:


Have lowered my death percentage a lot recently :smiley:


Kinda ironic considering your name.


tru but i cant get all dose pots!


Yay first 8/8 and first char to get 2k base!


Soloed 2nd and 3rd bosses in shatters. Trickster #1 class.


nice. solo 1st, that is the biggest pain.


I joined the guild “Regen” even though I do not play Realm of the Mad God


same first 7/8


This is a nice shiny silver badge I just got.


got my guild to somewhat not shit status


I GOT 8/8 :D:D:D:D
i did it


It actually looks nice on you Pro <3

@Shatter has like 200k account fame now because his wizard died. Rip :o



Just got regular this morning, I was pretty surprised, I’m more of a lurker than anything on the forums, but I guess you don’t need very many posts